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Channelling - Use Your Psychic Powers to Contact Your Spirit GuideChannelling - Use Your Psychic Powers to Contact Your Spirit Guide

My first book, Channelling - Use Your Psychic Powers to Contact Your Spirit Guide, was published in 2006, is unfortunately now only available from some online booksellers.

However, these are fast becoming collectors' items and not so readily available, so buy now to avoid disappointment!

Your Comments about the Book

  • Just wanted to say again what a great evening I had yesterday! It was a delightful talk that Shirley gave - what a lovely lady she is and what a pleasure to meet her. I've started to read her book -  very clear, concise and to the point and an attractive, inviting format too."   "Please  pass on a big "Thank you!" to Shirley - who has helped me trust a little more in the power of my own "sight"  - so often dismissed as "just imagination" !!"
    Blessings - ~Cate - Jersey
  • I just wanted to let you know I just got your new book and love it!  I can see how it can help young and old alike.  Thank you for having the courage to step out into the "void" in your life's journey to help other people in theirs.  You are a blessing."
    Sharon K. Evans  - Alaska
  • I was so intrigued by what I read I started to put some of it into practice and have been completely amazed by the results!  I feel like I've been on a long journey and finally I've reached my destination.  Everything that has gone before, now fits into place and it all makes sense. It's wonderful to converse with such clarity and understanding.  You and your book were the 'key' and it's a revelation! You pledge in you book to help the reader make contact, well you certainly have and thank you so much for being my 'key' it is a truly wonderful gift. The book has really opened the floodgate for me, it's as though a peace has descended within my soul."
  • Have just finished reading your book “CHANNELLING” and all I can say is WOW!

  • Well done indeed.  It is well written, easy to read, simple to understand, to the point, and covers the basic questions that most of us have about channelling.  I particularly like the print style and colored paper, plus the art work is superb. I am sure the book will go into second print.  Congratulations!
    Basil.  Florida.  

  • Shirley at a book signing event for 'Channelling'This book is very useful and I love the colours -  beautiful written in a uncomplicated way and clearly, for everyone to understand, - I am halfway, and even I was born with psychic powers, I really did not know how to develop it to the fullest, until I came across this book. I can only recommend it to anyone, who is interested in discovering more about the spiritual world. I have had more vivid dreams than normally, since I started reading it, and have déjà vu while reading it - meaning I´ve read this before somewhere, but not quite sure. Sending you much love from the beach in Marbella Spain.



'Channelling - Use Your Psychic Powers to Contact Your Spirit Guide'
Godsfield Press/Octopus Publishing Group
ISBN-10: 1841812919
ISBN-13: 978-1841812915

Now out of print, but still available from some online booksellers.

See also my 2nd book - Being Human, and 3rd book - Spirit Speaks.

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