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About Shirley - A Personal History

Shirley giving a talkI began active work in the realm of spiritual healing, clairvoyance and psychic phenomena in 1990.   Meditating for the first time in my life I had instant connection with spirit guides whom I now call ‘Extra Celestials’. The information given was to do with planetary changes to come.  Since that time the teaching that I now pass on to others has been first taught to me by many guides. (see section on Guides)  They taught me the interactive way to connect with them and not to be passive or to accept without discernment. They taught me to record their communications, which led to light trance channelling. It was their urging that led me to hold development groups and workshops. I have been holding these continuously since 1991.  I conduct workshops, lectures and give readings in many countries such as Canada, many States in America, Aruba, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Jersey in the Channel Islands, Ireland and UK. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and hold a qualification with the London Academy in public speaking. I have been a speaker at conferences and a variety of venues around the world. I have now qualified as a hypnotherapist specialising in past life regression.


UFO talk with ShirleyMy book - ‘Being Human’ covers my visits to space craft and into other dimensions. Predictions on our future on this planet are an important part of this story.  I also speak of my journeys around the planet and my work.  I have amazing energy and am told I look younger than my years.  I am told sometimes I disappear while channelling or lecturing. Spirit teachers and angels are seen as well as Extraterrestrials, either over me or behind me. (See Soul Readings) Many times people tell me that there has been a shift in their consciousness simply by being present at a lecture or channelling.  The contact with our space friends have convinced me that we are being assisted by them to become more than we are.  They are helping us to enter a new era of hope and love.  My aim is to help those who wish it, to connect for themselves with these wonderful guides and teachers. May your life be as full and wonderful as mine.

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